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Apple Music and newly ripped CD

Discussion in 'Apple Music & iTunes Match' started by Markus Musielak, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Markus Musielak

    Markus Musielak New Member

    hi Similar to something you recently commented on, I like using Apple Music but then buying the cd and ripping lossless onto my home server (I also have iTunes Match).

    Now the problem is that when I have added the music via Apple Music to iOS or iTunes AND then subsequently rip the CD lossless to my server I end up having problems. I rather do this as I don't wish to lose play count data.

    Usually what happens is the following: if in iTunes or iOS I have added the album to my library; I typically have downloaded the album to my iOS device but not downloaded the album in iTunes; in iTunes it naturally affiliates such tracks as being in the cloud and matches the tracks as Apple Music; If I then rip the cd (ensuring to match the track details identically) what then happens is that I have two identical items for each track in the album... one the Apple lossless rip and one Apple Music; I then ask iTunes to update the iCloud library; When this process finishes I usually have 1 item in the album per track but the problem is that when I look at the details of the track it shows it is apple lossless and shows the location of the file on my hard drive BUT still references the track as Apple Music.


    Hoping you can help.

  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You need to delete the Apple Music tracks first. Otherwise, things will mess up.
  3. Markus Musielak

    Markus Musielak New Member

    I wantEd to keep the data though (e.g. Play count)... that is truly crap if they haven't sorted that out.

    I have noticed that it works sometimes... but not others...
  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

  5. Markus Musielak

    Markus Musielak New Member

    I'm using a PC... I used to have a script that worked on the PC to change playcount but that no longer works...
  6. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Too bad. Windows doesn't offer the same type of access as AppleScript does.

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