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Audiobooks with lost titles and 'Apple quo vadis'?

Discussion in 'Audiobooks' started by geni1949, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. geni1949

    geni1949 New Member

    (Please apologize my English, but I am not a native speaker)

    Since the latest iOS version at least the situation for the user of audiobooks has worsened.
    This can be followed in your forum and as well on the entries in official "Apple support forum"
    Moving Audiobooks from Music to iBooks, this step is easy to go.
    But as already mentioned in your forum all audiobook-titles are gone!!!
    And this is a desaster when you have thousend of files and find them after an upgrade whitout any title only tagged with a number.
    Please see also to: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7115179.
    This forum is full of complaints - all dealing with the same matter.
    This new iOS 'feature' removing the track titles seems to affect all those who are not buying the content from audible or apple.
    Only way to get access to the titles is to buy another app e.g. Book Mower.
    It is not that you have to pay a few bucks or EURO for an additional app. The original app (Music) implemented in the iOS worked fine with audiobook files up to that 8.4 upgrade.
    Apple simply removed with that upgrade - without any announcement or apology, from one day to the other, the access and ability to read the 'titles' of their stored books.

    What's next? We had already to accept with iTunes 12.2 that the cover texts for audiobooks were no longer available.

    And this brings me to the 'Apple quo vadis': Will it be in future that you can play only music, films, audiobooks etc. when you bought this content directly from apple?
    Will in future all users / owners of (legally) ripped or downloaded content no longer supported?
    Is this Apples new business concept?

    For me it seems so, but can't do at the moment much against it.
    Well, as a first reaction I have postponed to buy a new MacBookPro and new MAC.
    And of course, I will also not buy a new iPad when I am not sure what limitations and restrictions will come with the next feature downgrade, ooops sorry, upgrade, of course.

    What I am doing now is to avoid iTunes and replace it wherever possible with LINUX clementine. This works fine for my usage.
    For the time being I cannot replace all my MAC applications. But who knows what will come in future with the next update of iOS and OsX?
    My target now is to look for a complete LINUX solution. Reason is I have lost all my faith in apple not because of the technology but of their business model. iCloud and all the related Cloud versions are simply not my cup of tea - simply because you have not everywhere at all times Webaccess.

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