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Backup(s) file location for iPhone

Discussion in 'Using iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch' started by pbGuy, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. pbGuy

    pbGuy New Member

    I have an original iPhone, which I have long been using as an iPod, since taking it out of phone service, that works great in an iHome alarm clock.

    Several weeks ago when attempting to do a backup after a sync (added some new music) to the iPod app on this original iPhone, iTunes gave me an error message (saying the backup was corrupt & should be deleted - which I did) when attempting to do a subsequent backup. (The sync process worked fine.)

    Research at  Discussions, on this topic, revealed that if the iPhone was put into DFU mode, iTunes would recognize it as a new device and permit a backup.

    In doing the DFU mode process, the iPhone was restored, but since there's no SIM installed, I can't get back to the state (Home screen setup with the apps) prior to the restore.

    I've got Time Machine backups going back to when I still had the last backup, in iTunes, for this original iPhone.

    Where are the Device backups in the OS X file structure?

    This original iPhone is not bricked; but at present, I can't get past the current & initial, ON screen which shows the "connect to iTunes" along with "No SIM card installed - Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPhone."

    ...I'm hoping if I can get to the particular & last back up for this original iPhone, I might be able to recover/restore to the previous state of this original iPhone before I deleted this iPhones backup and messed about with DFU (big mistake in attempting when all I wanted to do was to do an updated backup).
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Right-click on a backup in iTunes' Devices prefs, and choose Show in Finder. It's a sort-of-hidden folder.

    Can't you just put a SIM card in the phone to be able to set it up, then put it back in your current iPhone? You'd need a SIM adapter, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. pbGuy

    pbGuy New Member

    I've been able to restore the original iPhone's backups, from Time Machine, back to the MobileSync Backups folder. ...But, this doesn't change the iPhone state.

    Any suggestions as to where one might get the SIM adapter, for the my original iPhone, that's needed to insert my current, iPhone 6 SIM? ...I can answer my own question. I see on Amazon that adapter kits are available.

    Thanks for your prior assistance.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016
  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You can get one on Amazon for a couple of dollars.
  5. pbGuy

    pbGuy New Member

    With the help of a SIM adapter, which just arrived today, I've now got my Original iPhone back in use with my iHome alarm clock. ...Last time I ever mess with DFU mode (at least, without an active SIM).

    As I had to turn Off the Touch ID on my iPhone 6, in order to temporarily switch the SIM, all my Apple Pay cards (both on the 6 & my Watch) were deleted. It wasn't any big deal adding them back once the SIM was re-inserted back into my 6. All the cards were immediately reactivated (only one card required input of a sent security code); so easy peasy.

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