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DougScripts Re_Embed Artwork crashes if offline

Discussion in 'iTunes & AppleScripts' started by theo, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. theo

    theo Member

    I normally use DougScripts Re-Embed Artwork 2.3 in iTunes During an internet outage, the script crashed every time I tried to use it. Then when I found a connection elsewhere, it worked fine again.

    Is there a way to get hold of DougScripts that actually work if one is not connected to the internet?

    Is the script sending my data somewhere?
  2. DougAdams

    DougAdams Moderator Staff Member

    Re-Embed Artwork checks for an updated version at launch. It connects to a php script on my server and only sends the bundle identifier of the script. No other data is being sent to my server. If an update to the script is found, it displays a message to that effect. In the case of there being no internet connection, the script should merely skip the check. I will have to investigate the crashing issue to replicate and fix it.

    Some scripts perform this update check as a matter of course, some require user-initiation, others do not check for updates at all.
  3. theo

    theo Member

    I copied the text of the crash report into a Word doc. Is there a sequence that would be helpful to you?

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