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Force new scan and match of libary

Discussion in 'Apple Music & iTunes Match' started by jmush, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. jmush

    jmush New Member

    Per your article, Kirk, Apple is going to use the iTunes Match algorithm to power Apple Music.


    I deleted one previously matched tracked whose iCloud Status was "Apple Music." When re-added, it says "Matched." So I suppose my account is now under the new algorithm.

    Because of the old algorithm, my iCloud Music Library is riddled with mistakes. I have hundreds of tracks that were live bootleg versions that Apple matched to studio versions. How do I nuke Apple's cache of my library so that it does a complete new scan + match or upload of my library without also losing all the songs I've added to my library via Apple Music (songs that I don't own but added to My Music via Apple Music's catalog).
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You can't. The only way to do that is to remove the music, update iCloud Music Library, then re-add the music. And I'd wait a while too, if you do that; there might be a temporary cache that isn't deleted right away in the cloud. Maybe remove the music and wait overnight before adding it back.
  3. jmush

    jmush New Member

    Thanks, Kirk. I gave this a shot. I wanted to keep all the playcounts and metadata of my tracks available, so I wanted to remove the tracks without actually deleting from iTunes.

    Here is my solution. It requires:
    1. A perfectly intact master copy of all my correct tracks in my primary iTunes Library with all tracks downloaded for offline use and connected to iCloud Music Library.
    2. A secondary copy of iTunes on a 2nd user account on my Mac (or another Mac or PC) that is connected to my iCloud Music Library. No tracks downloaded for offline use. This is a reference to see what Apple is playing from the cloud.

    From the secondary iTunes library that has my iCloud Music Library, I can select "Remove from My Music" by right-clicking on a track. On my primary copy of iTunes, the song remains in my iTunes library, but its iCloud Status becomes "Removed." I can then right-click on the track and say "Add to iCloud Music Library." This forces a re-scan and the result will either be "Matched" or "Uploaded."

    I needed to determine which tracks I wanted iTunes to re-scan.
    All the songs that Apple previously 'uploaded' are fine, obviously.
    I needed to isolate just the tracks that Apple had matched with "Apple Music" so that they could be converted to "Matched" or "Uploaded."

    This is what I did:

    1. Make a new Smart Playlist of all songs where the iCloud Status is Apple Music. This playlist is a mixture of matched tracks (songs I own) as well as songs I've added from Apple Music (songs I don't own).
    2. Copy the results in this Smart Playlist to a regular Playlist.
    3. Use the KIND field to locate all the tracks that are "Apple Music AAC Audio" files. These are the DRM-laden songs I don't own that I've added to my library via Apple Music.
    4. Remove the "Apple Music AAC Audio" files from this playlist. This means that any remaining Apple Music iCloud Status tracks are tracks that came from my library, but Apple matched them as Apple Music instead of uploading or matching with iTunes Match.
    4. From the secondary iTunes library, select these remaining songs and say "Remove from My Music." This deletes them from iCloud, but keeps their local copy that is on my Mac's iTunes library intact.
    5. On the primary iTunes library, make another Smart playlist of all songs with the iCloud Status "Removed." Highlight all, right click, and select "Add to iCloud Music Library."

    The new scan performed a million times better. iTunes did not Match any live/demo tracks to official studio versions. The only problem with the new scan is that there are many tracks iTunes uploaded that actually exist in the iTunes/Apple Music catalog. For example, most of Green Day's Nimrod album was matched, but a couple tracks got uploaded. Not the end of the world though. Better to have Apple upload my copy rather than match the wrong track.
  4. gopherhockey

    gopherhockey New Member

    I had my iTunes music library get "corrupted" this morning right before my eyes. I saw all my "Matched" or "Uploaded" get replaced by "Apple Music" or even just blank status. I have nearly 20k files and am VERY particular about matching wherever possible so needless to say as much work as I put into my library this was very disconcerting.

    After trying a bunch of different things I came upon your post which verified what I was thinking of doing.

    Unfortunately I have no "remove from my music" option as you stated. This must have been removed by Apple. All I could do on 2nd iTunes (2nd Mac) was completely delete from my iCloud and if I did that, they were also removed from the 1st Mac.

    To get around this, I had to restore my original iTunes db files to my Mac #1, open, quickly turn off iCloud so it was just an offline music library like it was years ago. Now I was able to delete out of the 2nd Mac, let it replicate... then go back to 1st Mac and re-enable iCloud Music Library. Most of the songs were no labeled "removed" as you stated and I was able to re-add and re-match.

    So if anyone else is like me and doesn't have the "remove from my music" option (honestly I've never seen that option..ever...) you can do like I did but be careful!

    P.S. Back up your playlists as you'll need to restore them. I had to use .m3u type, .xml was importing as empty.

    I really do like iCloud Music (Match) but knowing things can get this fouled up so quickly for no reason whatsoever is really sad. Apple has lost some of its appeal to me in 2016 and now this...
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Try signing out of your account, waiting for a while, then signing in again.
  6. jmush

    jmush New Member

    I cannot replicate this. I was able to replicate my workflow from July 2016, although some of the language in iTunes is now different.

    On Mac #2, where none of the songs are downloaded but I am signed into iCloud Music Library, I right clicked on a track and selected "Delete from Library." It disappeared from the iTunes Library of Mac #2.

    On Mac #1, my primary iTunes library, the track was still sitting there but the iCloud status was "Removed." I right-clicked on the track and selected "Add to iCloud Music Library."

    Screen shots:

    Mac #2
    Deleting the track


    Mac #1
    Re-adding the track


  7. jmush

    jmush New Member

    I should make it clear that on Mac #1, ALL songs were downloaded for offline access as it was the Mac that my library originated from. If your Mac #1 library did NOT have that track downloaded, it makes perfect sense that it disappeared.
  8. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    It's marked as Removed, because you removed it from iCloud Music Library, and it's still physically on the other Mac. It should get added again next time iCloud Music Library does a sweep. You may need to quit and relaunch iTunes for that to happen. (If that's want you want.) But iCloud Music Library won't delete a track that's physically on another computer.
  9. gopherhockey

    gopherhockey New Member

    Ok I think I figured out what happened:

    1. I was looking literally for "Remove from my Music" as an option, seeing Delete from my Library I did try it but then
    2. I was in a playlist on Mac #1 and when I removed the song from Mac #2, it disappeared from the playlist and I neglected to check Songs for the master copy. (ultimately how I did it ended up about the same effect anyway just couple extra steps..) To my defense I'd been in a panic for over what happened to my library trying this and that and was quite turned around by the time I ran into this advice. :)

    I'm using your formula now to fix my wife's collection which was also decimated by letting Match expire. Now I export the playlists first, then delete from library on 2nd Mac, then re-import the playlists on Mac #1 then Add to iCloud Music Library.

    A few observations from having to get this drastic:

    1. There are now some albums that previously completely matched that only partially matched. I've seen reports of this, had seen it myself, but had worked to get most my important albums fully matched. I even removed my copies and replaced with Apples to be sure I had the best song available. Interesting how albums I'd downloaded completely from Apple now have tracks marked as "uploaded". I will wait and re-try those to see if I can get them to match.

    2. A large number of tracks are now reported having Errors. (same with my wife's) I can't figure out whats causing this so I'm trying to replace these one by one. Hoping to find a reason for this.

    3. iTunes had previously let me have a certain amount of duplicates. This time around it was nasty about catching them... not all, but most. Thats "ok" as its really how it should work but of course its marking the ones that are in the original albums vs. collections or "best of" albums which is slightly annoying.

    3a. iTunes is marking some live music as duplicates which I'm 99% sure there are no duplicates. Is there a way to "find source of duplicate"? My only thought is a duplicate exists but got somehow renamed. Definitely looking at artists and song names I'm not finding the duplicates. Its really only a handful.

    4. I had followed these steps first before renewing Match which is how I came to realize what had happened. I could now see albums in the iTunes store that weren't matching because they didn't exist in Apple Music.

    4a. Once I renewed Match then did this over again, the process of matching seemed to go by about 5x faster. I don't have scientific proof other than the first time around it took a good day but the second time took maybe 8 hours. Could be something on the other end that caused this but thought I'd note it just in case someone else runs into this.

    5. I think I mentioned this but my library got messed up exactly one month from the date my Match expired. Must be some kind of grace period which gave the illusion that all was "ok".

    NOTE: the big take-away here is I wish I hadn't tried to save a few bucks on the recommendation of a number of blogs and let my iTunes Match expire. It wasn't just a few songs that changed, it literally destroyed both of our collections. I don't think our taste, while eclectic, is that unusual that others won't end up seeing this happen if they follow same advice...
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
  10. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    That's all very odd. I let my iTunes Match subscription lapse, and in my iCloud Music Library I have no problems. Matching is faster now, they've changed some stuff on the back end.

    As for errors, that's not uncommon, but it's hard to figure out what's wrong. Remove and re-add and see what happens.

    Live music as dupes? That's has been an Apple Music problem. That shouldn't happen any more, though, because Apple Music is using accosting fingerprinting.

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