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"Go to Artist" and "Go to Album” missing!

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by Ethan Mathias, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Ethan Mathias

    Ethan Mathias New Member

    Hi, Kirk & Company! I’ve done some snooping on various forums about an issue I’m experiencing with iTunes that I have not had issues with before...

    With the latest update of iTunes, there is ENORMOUS inconsistency with the availability of the “Go to Artist” and “Go to Album” actions in the “Song” menu. By “enormous inconsistency with the availability” I mean that it is almost always unavailable with no apparent reason. Because I am a “keyboard” person, I find it efficient to create keystrokes in Keyboard Maestro for different menu actions in different apps. I created shortcuts for “Go to Artist” and “Go to Album” in iTunes, but they no longer work because those options aren’t available for the majority of songs—despite the fact that most songs are from artists/albums with more than one song in my library.

    I would understand the lack of availability for these functions for tracks that have no other connections, but not with other songs. There is also no rhyme or reason in regards to compilation status or album artist settings. I know it is not an issue with Keyboard Maestro, because “Go to Artist” or “Go to Album” don’t show up as options when I go to access them in the menu (either “Song” or the right-click drop down menu). This is madness!

    Please help! Am I missing something? This seems like a really basic (and easy) feature to retain from version to version!!!
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Same here. I only see Go to Artist sometimes; I don't see Go to Album at all. But I do see Go to Song in iTunes Store, and, for purchased tracks, then I see all the options (artist, album, iTunes Store, and Apple Music).
  3. coke

    coke New Member

    For me, I am not an Apple Music user or Match subscriber, I see both all the time. I'm using version 12.5.5.
  4. Caleb Deupree

    Caleb Deupree New Member

    This issue seems to be fixed in the latest iTunes 12.6.

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