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Gramofon Network Player

Discussion in 'Digital Audio Hardware' started by Otto Nikolaus, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Otto Nikolaus

    Otto Nikolaus Member

    Some of you might have read reviews of this https://gramofon.com. The one by Andrew Everard http://andreweverard.com/2015/08/14/review-network-music-and-more-with-a-gramofon tempted me to try one. Its main usage will be to stream podcasts and music to a Tivoli PAL radio in the kitchen (the PAL has an aux-in socket) so the SQ doesn't need to be audiophile-level, just good. The cost is €59 or about £43 so I wasn't expecting too much. It arrived about a week after ordering. It comes with mains adapter, ethernet cable, and a 3.5 mm-to-2 phono audio lead.

    The idea is you set it up with an iOS or Android app, but my iPhone's iOS is too old to support the app, although it does support the Allplay Jukebox app to control it. Fortunately you can also set it up via a web browser, which is what I did. I'm now trying it out in my main system (Linn Kairn > Klout > Isobarik DMS) and it sounds fine. It can stream from internet sources such as Spotify, local sources such as iTunes libraries, or portable iOS and Android devices. I've streamed music from my iPhone and from the iTunes library on our NAS. Unlike the media player in our Sony smart TV, it plays Apple Lossless, so that's another plus. It has an ethernet port but it's working fine over 11n wi-fi. As a bonus, it also works as a wi-fi range extender.

    Great value IMO and if I didn't already have a Denon network player upstairs I'd buy a second one.
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