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How to

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by PJ07, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. PJ07

    PJ07 Member

    Let's say you are streaming content from your personal iTunes Library to your new, 4th gen Apple TV. You stop watching a film, then return a few hours later to watch more. Is there a quick way to "continue what I was watching" without having to go thru all the menu levels to re-locate the film?

    I know that recently watched items appear in the top menu on the Apple TV, but I don't know how Apple TV selects these items for display. In my case, they often do not include my most recently watched items.

  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Mine shows what I've watched most recently, when I switch to the Computers pane. I guess if you're streaming a purchase, switch to the Movies or TV Shows pane would do the same.
  3. lailaali1230

    lailaali1230 New Member

    thanks kirk,

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