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How would you make iTunes better?

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by kirk, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    It's not iTunes' fault. If you use error correction, it's extremely rare to have issues. I rip lots of CDs, and the number of times I hear problems with rips is no more than a couple a year. I use error correction.
  2. Otto Nikolaus

    Otto Nikolaus Member

    As I said, I've had no such problems, and I use error correction, but others, including someone on this forum, have. Perhaps these are just freak events.

    FWIW I think there's a lot of nonsense in the "computer audiophile" community about other apps producing audibly better rips than iTunes. Audiophool nonsense IMO. I do have expensive hi-fi gear but am sceptical about much of the claims and obsessions of the fanatics.
  3. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Well, there are apps that can do accurate rips, which compare the files against checksums of the originals, and that is a good thing to be able to do. I just haven't found the need.
  4. Lazlo Nibble

    Lazlo Nibble New Member

    iTunes doesn't check for pre-emphasis properly, which can lead to a rip that sounds audibly worse than a rip that's processed correctly. So it's technically possible, if unlikely given the small number of titles affected. And it'll obviously miss glitches that anything equipped with AccurateRip or CTDB will catch, simply because it doesn't support AccurateRip or CTDB. In my experience those glitches are more often than not small enough to be inaudible anyway, but really, why take the chance? (Especially when CTDB can not only spot the error, but often fix it?)

    Other generic "iTunes rips sound different" claims, are...well, I won't say complete nonsense, as there are definitely mechanisms in iTunes that could allow it to happen, but I'd need to see documentary evidence. (Which would be pretty damn easy to provide, actually, so if someone's making the claim without providing it...)
  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I actually looked into that pre-emphasis thing some time ago. I don't recall why, but I was exploring it with someone I know from a record label. We determined that it's only an issue on a rare number of discs.
  6. Galley

    Galley New Member

    There's an AppleScript for that. http://dougscripts.com/327
  7. Otto Nikolaus

    Otto Nikolaus Member

    Thanks, but I still find it odd that it's not built-in.
  8. euphonium

    euphonium Member

    At least cmd-L once used to be able to bring you back to the current track in a nice way. It still does though it resets the search filter which makes it quite a bit less useful.

    I'm not sure how I'd improve iTunes. Perhaps, there are a lot of UI artifacts from the past that haven't yet changed. Not necessarily for iTunes (who knows), but tabs, who would think that tabs are useful only for a browser and no other apps? When I first saw search of system preferences, I thought immediately it should be possible to search app preferences and menu items. A quick email to Steve long ago and menu items eventually got added. Long ago I though sync preferences consolidated under device was kind of a pain. How does it not remember all connected devices, with at least some cache? Wifi syncing helps a bit, though perhaps if playlist management was a HUD like Aperture, or a panel, à l'iTunes Store in it's original incarnation, editing w/updates in real time, and being able to choose where it syncs to while viewing the playlist would be helpful. Perhaps too cmd-clicking a track and artist and being able to 'send to device' (on next sync) might be useful. Perhaps other cases too, though maybe the idea is that needing to go to a specific place and lack of context sensitivity is a question.

    Ah, track info being a panel might be an idea. Now that I think of it, star rating in the status panel at the top, could be useful.

    Perhaps album view could be changed a bit. How apps appear in the Store on an iPad, as a floating panel comes to mind, though I don't think that's right either. The animation is a bit slow though I'm not sure how I'd change it. After so long, I recently went back to using track view/w album cover like I once did when it was first added. Currently comparing different versions of beethoven's 5th and seeing a list is much easier. Album view looks cool though in this case and perhaps others, I find it difficult to use. Not sure if there's some possible middle ground.
  9. Willbfree

    Willbfree New Member

    I'd merge "TV Series" and "Movies" into one yet-to-be-named category (perhaps "Shows"?), because I like having all my viewing options in one place and because the distinction between films and other forms of media is not as stark any more.

    The current categories "TV Series" and "Movies" feel a bit quaint. I believe Apple can come up with a name for a new category that encompasses everything -- web series, TV series, movies, short films, video game walkthroughs, behind-the-scenes clips, interview shows, documentaries, plays, everything.

    Myself, I just put everything under "TV Series" so when I stream to my AppleTV all my choices for what I could watch are in the same place.
  10. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I disagree. There is, in general, a very big difference between movies and TV series. The latter has episodes, and most often also has seasons. You could argue that the 8 Harry Potter movies are episodes, or the three Lord of the Rings, but these are exceptions. It's not about how they are distributed, but rather how they are organized.
  11. Otto Nikolaus

    Otto Nikolaus Member

    I agree with Kirk, but *if* there is need for this, what's wrong with simply calling it "Video"?
  12. Willbfree

    Willbfree New Member

    Let me put it this way:
    Is a video game walkthrough a TV Series or a Movie?
    Is a video of a cat going "no no no no" a TV Series or a Movie?
    Is a play a TV Series or a Movie?
    Is a Funny or Die short film a TV Series or a Movie?
    Is an interview with an actor from a talk show appearance a TV Series or a Movie?

    (The answer to all of the above is "neither")

    That's why the current division makes no sense. Yes, movies are still movies - not disputing that. But my point is that since hardly anything else can be neatly divided, the section(s) need to be rethought.

    I'd suggest that Video is a good category (thanks Otto!), and the kind of video could easily be a metatag.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2015
  13. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    There's also a Home Videos category. While I disagree with the nomenclature, that's a good place to put things that are neither movies nor TV shows.
  14. Larry Croft

    Larry Croft Member

    I would like to see Apple completely separate i "Tunes" from i "Video" in other words make another program called iVideo and allow it to handle all the video. Both could be streamed and maintain the flexibility the media has now. iTunes is so complicated that most users (the ones that are not very computer savvy) cannot understand or enjoy the benefits it has to offer because of the myriad of screens and choices and menus...
  15. Otto Nikolaus

    Otto Nikolaus Member

    I've read this elsewhere and I don't think I agree. You will (obviously) have 2 apps instead of one with the same total number of options. I don't see how that helps. I do think, however, that iTunes should've become "iMedia" years ago.
  16. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with Otto, and I've said so many times. Splitting iTunes does nothing to make it easier to use. You'll just end up with a number of apps, with exactly the same feature set. Instead of having one app open, you'll have two, or three, or six.
  17. Larry Croft

    Larry Croft Member

    Maybe you two have a point. The fact of the matter is one has to USE iTunes and seek out (and try) all of it's features with music and tv/movies/other video sources BEFORE one can gain confidence in understanding the features and how they work.

    I have iTunes match as well am as a subscriber to Apple Music. I have been pleased with both. Since i can no longer see the totals of my music library on my phone or iPad it is not easy to verify the music i add (either ripped from CD's to my "mother library" on my iMac or downloaded from Apple Music from any 3 of my Apple platforms) is in fact added to the iPad and iPhone. I would like to see a return of the "totals" of all songs in the IOS versions of iTunes...
  18. Greg H

    Greg H New Member

    1) I'd like to see the option of a separate or extra window for editing tags, creating playlists etc. while a main iTunes window is playing. Something that would get rid of that 'snap to the currently playing track' bugaboo. I've heard this used to be possible but was removed.

    2) I'd like a 'Liner Notes' type field in the tag editor for the album that has a 1K+ character capacity instead of having to stick recording info, personnel etc. in the 'Lyrics' tag field of the first track of the album.

    3) This one gets my dander up but .... In open opposition to others in this environment I also would like to see iTunes split off from video and every other media. I don't care if I have two apps or ten apps for music, TV Shows, Movies, Home Movies, Books and the Statue of Liberty even if they were ultimately doing the same thing. When I'm listening to music I concentrate on the music. I may be too single minded about this but that, too me, would be an improvement.

    4) I'd also like to see a more robust album art and liner note viewer. More than just album art as an afterthought.

    My $0.02
  19. Duane Christensen

    Duane Christensen New Member

    Where to start; will restrict to current issue.
    First, disclaimer, I am, and shall forever remain a windows user, currently at win 10. I do however, use and own the ipodular device, one of which Apple deemed "outdated" and therefore not worthy of the latest versions of itunes (imagine my 'pleasure' after upgrading to version 12 and having all my music on the itouch wiped by itunes simply because it was not up to the 'standards' of apple), and forcing me to purchase a new one. Nice. That said, and after extensive research to find another music app that would replace itunes but still play nicely with my two itouch's (please God, some day?), I have been forced to march on boldly into the abyss of the ever decreasing quality product of itunes.

    Now to this latest issue that cropped up with the lastest "update" to itunes. Not able to select various songs, right click and select "make new playlist"! Why on God's green earth would Apple coders think that was a cool feature to eliminate? Now I am forced to select my various songs, wonder up to the 'file' tab, select new, now select playlist from selection, then,,,,, oops, itunes just crashed. Okay, after many years of messing with itunes and helping friends with their macs (a task I find most onerous), I have developed the patience of Job. Again, open itunes, select songs, file, new, blah blah,,, oops crash. okay reboot and try again. Shucks, same thing. As has been expressed amply, I do not hate itunes. After all, itunes is an app, after all. It is the coders I am at issue with here. Is there no pride of accomplishment left at Apple? How can they send a product out to the masses with such inferior programming?

    I really do not expect assistance here, as I suspect most members are mac users. Thanks for letting me vent tho. I do somehow feel better.
  20. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the Create New Playlist menu item was removed from the contextual menu. I'm not surprised; not that many people use it (I would think), and that menu was cluttered. You can still access it from File > New > Playlist from Selection, or press Command-Shift-N (on Windows, is it Ctrl-Shift-N?).

    As for the crashing, that's something I can't help you with, not being a Windows user.

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