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How would you make iTunes better?

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by kirk, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Fourforks

    Fourforks New Member

    Back to the threads original question, I would change a simle thing and that is to allow tabs particularly in the store. Would make it far easier to compare the contents of albums.
  2. someToast

    someToast Member

    I’ve only wanted this since Mavericks added tagging to the Finder.

  3. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed, I've written about that before. I don't think they'll implement it, because it would make the iTunes interface complicated. You couldn't display those tags easily in any list view.
  4. someToast

    someToast Member

    I mean, the Finder is able to display tags as comma-separated in list view. I don’t see why iTunes tags couldn’t be displayed the same way.
  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, but I think Apple probably assumes it would be too confusing. Also, Windows; can Windows display tags in its Explorer? Would Apple have to create a whole new framework for Windows to be able to use tags?
  6. someToast

    someToast Member

    I wouldn’t expect iTunes tags to share the same namespace as Finder tags. Apple doesn’t want users poking about in iTunes’ media directory anyway. :D
  7. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    No, they would only be in the iTunes library. But I'm thinking the tag interface in Windows might be complicated to build.
  8. Alan

    Alan New Member

    How did I miss this thread? Good stuff here!

    My suggestion is for iTunes, but more for the Music app. I rarely view by Album, but when I do it's because I want to listen to an album in its entirety. When I look at Albums on my iPhone or iPad I want to see only those records with every track downloaded to the device. If the entire album is not on the device I'd rather the album not be listed. If it's even possible, it certainly doesn't have to be the default. A setting option would be nice.

    Oh, and the SINGLEs in my library should never be listed among the albums. I'm okay with EPs, though. Go figure. I'm stuck on semantics!

    Off to determine precisely how the albums are sorted, because I haven't been thrilled with what I've seen. Perhaps it's my metadata, though.

  9. Mark Zimmer

    Mark Zimmer New Member

    I would add back in cut and paste to add album artwork. I am still using itunes 11 for my main library since 12 *still* doesn't have this functionality as far as I can see.
  10. Thomas Royer

    Thomas Royer New Member

    How to make iTunes better.

    1. Be able to name an album that is part of a multiple album set like box sets.
    .........For example King Crimson has several box sets that have many albums and they are either live shows or just different names. When in iTunes you either have multiple albums all the same name and cover art or you combine them and have one album with a long list of albums that you cannot differentiate from.
    2. When in the album view...it would be better if when you selected an album it would then go to the top of the page so you can see most if not all of the songs and all of the artwork
    3. Dark Mode would be wonderful
  11. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    Boy do I agree with that, I thought I was the only one that screams when that happens ! It should be smart enough to determine that you are actually using the library and not jump around.
  12. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    You can paste Artwork on one or multilple songs. Bring up Get Info, go to artwork and Cmd/V to paste.
  13. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    I love iTunes and use it exclusivly for managing and listening to Music. I echo the need for better Volume Normalization. I run iVolume on all my songs and use Sound Check but when you listen to a large variety of shuffled music there is still a need for better normalization and the ability to apply compression or expansion without running another application. "Breakaway Audio Enhancer" handles this task very well it's default configuration, is very easy to set up and runs on my Music Server which requires me to run Windows in boot camp as there is is not a Mac Version of BAE. It is by far superior anything else that is available in the price range. I like a variety of music including Classical. I am not a audiophile purist but I want quality reproduction and need the ability to maintain a normal listening level that is suitable for background if needed. The "Late Night" equalization in IOS helps and is a step in the right direction but is not as good as BAE and is only available in IOS.
  14. someToast

    someToast Member

    Oh, I wish volume normalization would work properly!

    I use iVolume too, and with the third-party software I use to run my internet radio station, it’s fantastic. Songs fit together with perfect volume levels between them. In iTunes? It’s a completely different story. On my primary iMac that serves as my media library it’s a crapshoot, to say nothing about other Macs/iOS devices playing tracks via Apple Music. I don’t know if Apple Music isn’t syncing the iTunNORM tag correctly, or if the players are ignoring it, but Apple’s really dropped the ball on a feature they themselves added.
  15. Greg H

    Greg H New Member

    I think they should eliminate calculated ratings or provide a way to turn them off.
  16. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed. Those are nothing but problems.
  17. iansen

    iansen New Member

    My suggestions:

    1. More clarity on the differences between home sharing and icloud sharing
    2. More clarity on the functionality of iTunes Cloud Matching and Apple Music, including how they might affect existing libraries
    3. Clearer terminology for Apps
    4. Less invasive behaviour by Apple in terms of altering personal iTunes libraries (eg replacing lossless tracks with lossy versions) or put another way, Apple showing more respect to end users by explaining things more clearly prior to updates with such fundamental changes.

    5. A return to greater flexibility in viewing one's personal library (eg resizing in album view, viewing of albums when browsing by genre, full screen etc)

    6. More compatibility between desktop-based iTunes and the remote control of that libray via the Remote app on both iPhones and iPads. For example, the inconsistency of artwork appearing/ not appearing within Remote detracts significantly from the pleasure of using the App for such a purpose

    7. If Apple doesn't want tags, then at least either
    (a) the ability to assign more than one genre to a track or
    (b) the search function to include the ability to search the comments section of a track's information box.

    8. Might be nice to have automatic output of HD tracks (rather than relying on 3rd party apps like BitPerfect)
  18. BramSmits

    BramSmits New Member

    I would love for iTunes to be able to distinct between Albums, EPs, Singles, etc. Perhaps even between Studio Album, Compilation Album, Live Album, etc.
  19. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    I agree and would also like to be able to use a track in more than one album. The same track may appear on more than one album and the only way to maintain album integrity is to maintain duplicates in your library. Of course if the track is the same song but a different arrangement you may want to have a duplicate but if it is a duplicate or do not care you should be able to assign a track to more than one album.
  20. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    You should not have to use a third party application to normalize playback volume and dynamic range. Neither Sound Check or the iTunes Equalizer solves this problem. I am listening to my music server which runs Windows 7 , iTunes in shuffle mode with "Breakaway Audio Enhancer". Every track from a wide variety of music from multiple genres is a pleasure to listen to without needing to constantly adjust the volume. Claesson Edwards has so far not been interested in releasing a Mac Version of BAE. Not sure why as there is definitely an untapped market for it.

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