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How would you make iTunes better?

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by kirk, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Alan

    Alan New Member

    My workaround uses the ratings. For example, "When Doves Cry" is on both the "Purple Rain" soundtrack and "The Hits" compilation. I gave the track 5 stars for the former and 2 stars for the latter.

    My preferred playlist is Smart and Live Updating. It does not consider any track with 2 or fewer stars. Anytime that song is played it's the original version and that track's Play Count (which I care about for some reason) is the one that matters. However, since the track from "The Hits" remains checked the duplicate track will play if I choose to listen to Prince's greatest hits.
  2. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    The more I think about it your solution is the best idea I have run across. Prices continue to drop for both local and cloud storage so space is not a problem. Album integrity would be maintained and the playlist would do all the work. Unfortunately I have never used ratings so if I decide to use your method all I need to do is rate a few thousand tracks. Oh well no one said it would be easy.
  3. Alan

    Alan New Member

    I hate that iTunes, if you just hit Shuffle, will treat every track the same when they aren't.

    My playlist is based on Rating, Year, and Last Played fields. It's a lot of work, but it's been quite satisfying. I enjoy a random playlist of music that I know I like instead of relying upon a streaming service and its far from exact science of guessing what I might like.

  4. Alan

    Alan New Member

    I thought (memory is tricky) there was a brief moment in time where iTunes would automatically sort individual artists by their last name. Regardless, I am now fed up with scrolling through a library seemingly sorted by a first-grader.

    I am embarking on tedious task of completing the Sort As fields. Does anyone have any tips for this project or warnings of unintended consequences to share?

  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

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  6. TexasTs

    TexasTs New Member

    So much good stuff in this topic, I had to go ahead and sign up.

    I would like for iTunes to have multiple windows back again. That might even solve a few of the issues here. You can sort of simulate it with the program (Yeah yeah. Not App, I'm old...Sue me) Playlist Assist, but only to a point.
  7. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You can have separate playlist windows now; right-click on a playlist and choose Open in New Window.
  8. PJ07

    PJ07 Member

    My top 3:

    1. I appreciate there are different opinions on this topic, but on desktops and laptops, I favour a single iTunes environment for all media types. Separate apps are ok on iOS devices, which are mostly "consumption" devices. But on Macs, I find editing and maintaining a media library to be easier in a single application. In fact, I wish Apple would re-integrate iBooks back into iTunes. As a separate Mac app, iBooks offers fewer features, such as limited ability to edit tag data.

    2. I want to be able to open the iTunes Store in a separate window, so that I can see the Store and my library side-by-side.

    3. Home Sharing is terrible - it's slow and unreliable. And it's been that way since inception. I really wish Apple would fix this.
  9. TexasTs

    TexasTs New Member

    Agree with 2 and 3.
  10. Alan

    Alan New Member

    At risk of going off-topic...

    How is Home Sharing slow and unreliable? Perhaps others use it differently than I do. My main library is far too big to load on an iPad or iPhone. That's a good problem that I don't mind, but Home Sharing works well for me when streaming to laptops and Apple TV.

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