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icloud music library will not update/display on Mac

Discussion in 'Apple Music & iTunes Match' started by Gregory, May 4, 2016.

  1. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member


    So what I'd do is manually export each playlist - from the File > Library menu. Export them in XML format, and you can reimport them into iTunes.

    Create a new library, and drag your media folder - sans duplicates - onto iTunes, and let it add everything. Then import the playlists, one at a time.

    The split albums won't be affected; they are based on the tags themselves (I do the same thing for much classical music, saving each work as an "album.")

    This _should_ sort things out, but given your problems, I'm hesitant to be over-positive. :)
  2. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    << The split albums won't be affected; they are based on the tags themselves >>

    Ok....but when I tried creating a new library or rebuilding the old one before, the result was that the "split albums" were sometimes in place but sometimes reverted back to the original album structure. This is my hesitation right now, and why yesterday I went back to the older .itl file, as it seems to "remember" my years-old curating.

    You're the indisputable "iTunes Guy", I regret that I seem to be becoming the "iTunes Problem Guy" - if you can ever maneuver me into getting this fixed once and for all, I will need to know which sponsors to buy from or whom to send a check to....:cool:

    Still not a peep from the many iTunes Senior Support folks who have checked in (and out) over the last two months.

  3. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You don't have iCloud Music Library or iTunes Match turned on, right? Or do you? For the split albums, as long as those aren't turned on, nothing should change because you've set the tags for them to be split.

    As for "iTunes senior support," um, yeah. That's pretty par for the course, from what I hear. I tend to get better support when things go to that level, because I contact people at Apple directly.
  4. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    << You don't have iCloud Music Library or iTunes Match turned on, right? Or do you? >>

    Well, I have had iTunes Match since the beginning, and added icloud music library along the way, making very sure to always have every single track stored locally (and backed up on more than one drive) in order to avoid the re-downloading issues and DRM issues you have chronicled so thoroughly. It all worked well, up until the beginning of April, that's what triggered this whole thing. Something went south at that point, and ticking the icloud music library box in Preferences is what would give me, two hours later, the Error 4001.

    I may continue to experiment with a new library but only if I know I can get back to the current .itl file which retains my album-splitting. I understand what you're saying about that being in the tags, but when I tried the new album a few days ago, I came up with one which lost a good deal of the album-splitting, not all, but a lot.

    And I may have to settle for not having my Apple music available to me on the iMac (those tracks are avail on iOS devices), but I spent 100's of hours getting *them* edited to my liking too, so it's highly frustrating.
  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Right, your situation is a lot like mine. I won't turn those things on on my iMac, where I have my big music library. I do use them on my MacBook and iPod touch, and I can AirPlay to my iMac when I want to listen to something from Apple Music.
  6. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    I finally heard from the "Customer Experience" rep again, who, to his credit, apologized for the delay. Here's what he had to say: "I’ve reviewed your conversation with Kirk McElhearn. It seems as though you are not seeing the 4001 error message at the moment. [incorrect, but whaddya gonna do?] In regards to keeping your meticulously curated content the way you want them to be, we are working on a overall fix for such. In your conversation you state that you do have backups of this available. When a fix becomes available, we will advise you to start over fresh with your library and re-import the tracks/albums. We will make sure that we do not ruin the time spent editing your metadata for this content. I do not have an ETA as to when this fix will be available but rest assured that our team is working on it. As soon as I have additional information I will provide you with an update."

    I am a bit skeptical about the "rest assured it's being worked on", of course, but at least they finally responded. He also credited my account for one year of iTunes Match and a couple of months of Apple Music, a rather substantial gesture, so there's that. I expressed appreciation for this latest, although two and a half months to get there, well, it does seem a day too long. I'm beginning to think I will just go Kirk's route, keep my personal library on its own external drive with no Apple Music in sight. And then, I've always wanted a Macbook Air, maybe for the Apple Music library? No, wait a minute - Apple messes up my music and my solution is to pay them another $1,000?! :eek:;)
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
  7. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    Meant to run this by......in all of this, I keep noticing that my users/_____/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder is approximately the same size as the external drive which iTunes is pointed to - shouldn’t that iMac folder be essentially empty, rather than the same size? Every time I add a new album, it goes into the external drive's iTunes Media folder as it should, but also, it appears, to the one within the iMac. I'm sure I'm somehow misunderstanding the architecture here, just seems curious, I thought one of the reasons people move their library to an external drive is to free up space on their Macs....?
  8. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    First, interesting comment from them about this being fixed. This matches rumors about major changes to iTunes that should be previewed at next week's WWDC.

    As for the media folder, it should be empty. I wonder if you consolidated the library at some point when it was pointing to the folder in your home folder. If new files are going to both, that's just plain weird...
  9. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    So, from what I saw from WWDC yesterday, and from what Kirk has posted about the forthcoming changes, it appears to me that the changes are largely cosmetic, rearranging things and changing fonts, rather than deep structural changes to fix deep structural problems. I've continued to mess with my library, trying this and that, but it seems to me the bottom line is (at least for the legions of people who are also experiencing prob's similar to mine), that the only certain fix would be two separate entities/apps - one for Apple Music and one for the owned library. It's the combining of the two that seems to be insoluble. But surely Apple wouldn't go to separate apps, as it would proclaim de facto defeat and be humiliating for the company......although what I and like-minded people are going through now is pretty humiliating for them, too.

    So now I'm stuck with my Apple Music tracks on my iPad only, which means they are playable but not editable as I add them - doing my usual album-splitting and tagging is easy on the Mac, but since I can't have them there......grrrr.
  10. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

  11. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    So, the 3 months of Apple Music subscription which the "Customer Support Team" refunded to me, has just run out. I'm now back to the prospect of paying. I sent a note to the rep who had been emailing me, saying essentially: if there really is a solution around the corner, people like me might be willing to keep paying. If, however, that solution is more of a talking point than a reality, well, why would I pay for a service I cannot use and (apparently) will never be able to? But if I give up the subscription, all the 100's of hours I spent tagging and indexing my 20,000+ Apple Music tracks will go up in a puff of smoke. I sent that July 1. It's Jul 7, no response.
  12. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    There are going to be some changes made to the way music is matched in the very near future. I can't say any more now, and I'm not entirely sure it will resolve your issues, but they might.
  13. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    Interesting. I took some small measure of hope from Kirk's last, and then (after more prodding from me) the "Customer Experience Team" rep just sent me this: "We are very close to a resolution on this end that will not corrupt your previous metadata changes. Please stand by for an update shortly."

    Hey Kirk - you're not working for Apple under a pseudonym, are you?! :p
  14. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Nope. :)
  15. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    hahaha, ok, well.......let's hope your reporting/insight into a new Apple Music/iTunes marriage, combined with the optimistic but fuzzy stuff from the senior iTunes folks yields a beautiful new bouncing, baby music app.

    Or, ok....at least something that *works*! :cool:
  16. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't say that it's going to revolutionize anything, but there are changes to Apple Music and matching that might help. I may be able to say something in a few days; I'm waiting on Apple to give me the green light.
  17. someToast

    someToast Member

  18. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    So, just in the interest of following up, I finally heard from the iTunes "Customer Experience Team" today, that I should try enabling icloud Music Library again, that their "fix" should work. (presumably they refer to the same matching fix Kirk has written about). No luck, I still get error message 4001, as I have since last March. I had all but given up the idea of having Apple Music & my "owned" content existing in the same space, for all the reasons that have been so well discussed, but thought that *if* the DRM and matching issues are a thing of the past, maybe it's now safe to contemplate giving iCloud Music Library another chance. Anyway, nothing has changed, for me anyway.

  19. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting. Have you ruled out all network possibilities? Any ad blocker or security software? (I haven't re-read the entire thread... I don't recall the many steps you've taken.)

    I'm in the midst of an iCloud Photo Library problem, where, even after an Apple engineer rebuilt my library, two of my devices don't show thumbnails of all my photos (many of them are just gray squares), and I can't download photos on those devices. There's no logical reason why two devices should not work, while two other ones do work.
  20. Gregory

    Gregory Member

    This many months later, I suspect I'm the only one left who has any interest in this (unchanged) situation, or even remembers it. I hound the " iTunes Customer Experience" guy every two or three weeks, asking about any progress. He keeps telling me "they're working on it" That's been the official line just under 6 months now.

    Anyway, the latest thing they had me do (at least there was *something*) was create a log file, open iTunes, and then attempt to update IML. The log is below - I'm not remotely capable of understanding this stuff, although I can't help but notice the line about 5 down from the top. Although, comparing it to the times, it seems the "disabling" of IML refers to its disabled state at the moment I opened the iTunes app, not to what happened shortly thereafter, when I tried to re-enable IML. Anything here that jumps out at anyone?!



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