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Identify Missing Tracks From Album

Discussion in 'iTunes & AppleScripts' started by Laurie Lewis, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Laurie Lewis

    Laurie Lewis New Member

    I am wondering if anyone has a script or can print me in the direction of a script that will help me identify missing tracks from an album.

    What I am finding in the library I am trying to repair is that some tracks are missing - totally - requiring me to get them from a backup of all the music. The backup does not have any tags - just arranged by artist and album name then track1 etc, so restoring the backup won't work. I am essentially tagging the library.

    So to make the process easier I was wondering if there was a way that a script could look at the library and examine each album.

    Each of the albums has track totals - you know 1 of 14 to 14 of 14. So can someone direct me to a script that will look at an album then interrogate the tracks to make sure that all the tracks are there and inform me of missing tracks. They may have been deleted accidentally or lost in a copy/move process.


  2. DougAdams

    DougAdams Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Laurie,

    This is hard. There are no "albums" in iTunes. There are just tracks that have the same Album name.

    In order to isolate single albums, you have to:

    1) Get a list of every unique album name
    2) For each album name in that list, search for all tracks that have that album name (I know, sounds weird, but that's what you do)
    3) Determine which tracks that have that album name that have the same unique artist name
    4) Wait. What if its a compilation?
    5) Wait. What if its not a compilation, but some artist names are different?
    6) Wait. How many tracks may have "Greatest Hits" for an album name, have different artist names, but are not compilations? How do you know they are/are not all the same album?

    There's just no easy way to do this. I've investigated it many times over the years. I'm not aware of any third-party app that can do this reliably.

    What I would do? Sort by Album in Songs View, keep the Track # column visible and look for discrepancies in sequences. I suspect you're doing something like that already.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
  3. Laurie Lewis

    Laurie Lewis New Member

    Thanks Doug. Have to do it the long way.

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