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I'm done with Apple Music...how to get back to pre-Apple Music status?

Discussion in 'Apple Music & iTunes Match' started by pinkoos, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. pinkoos

    pinkoos New Member

    For various reasons that I won't go into here, I'm done with Apple Music. Will be switching to a different streaming service, not sure which one. Looking forward to see how Pandora Premium differentiates itself from the rest of the crowd.

    Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to get back to the way things were before Apple Music and, perhaps, before iTunes Match.

    I had been an iTunes Match subscriber before going all in with Apple Music. After subscribing to Apple Music, it seemed that iTunes Match was redundant, so I cancelled that service (even before Apple announced that iTunes Match is unnecessary if one is subscribing to Apple Music).

    Anyway, before I cancel my subscription to Apple Music, I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so as to minimize (or completely avoid) any negative effects on my music library.

    What would you all recommend, maybe in a stepwise fashion, the steps I should take to preserve my own music library and then turn off/eliminate Apple Music from my life?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Back everything up.

    Turn off iCloud Music Library (iTunes > Preferences > General).

    Delete your Apple Music cache (just to save disk space): Delete Your Apple Music Cache Easily with This AppleScript.

    At this point, you should see all your music; turning off Apple Music shouldn't delete anything that's not rented. But keep the backup for a while to make sure.
  3. pinkoos

    pinkoos New Member

    Thanks Kirk. Do you know what this would do to what's accessible from my iPhone? If I had iTunes Match prior to Apple Music would my tracks still be available?

    And I'm assuming that in order to completely disassociate myself from AM on all my devices, I need to turn it (and iCloud Music Library) off on my iPhone as well? Any other settings to change on the iPhone?

  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    If you have tracks from iTunes Match, but not from Apple Music, then, yes, they should remain on the phone. However, if some of them are in iCloud Music Library, then turning that off will remove them. You'll want to sync the phone in the future; I'd delete all the music from the phone and set up the sync from iTunes, to be safe.
  5. pinkoos

    pinkoos New Member

    Thanks. I don't have any tracks currently synced so turning everything off and canceling AM should leave me with nothing on my phone. Maybe I'll be gutsy enough to give it a shot this weekend.

    Maybe this could be an idea for a future column of yours? "How to leave Apple Music and get your own tracks back unscathed."
  6. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Good idea; maybe I'll use it as a question in my next Ask the iTunes Guy column. Thanks.
  7. pinkoos

    pinkoos New Member

    I'll keep an eye out for it! Thanks again.

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