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Internet Radio - album art

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by BerwynDad, Apr 21, 2017 at 4:50 PM.

  1. BerwynDad

    BerwynDad New Member

    I'm sitting here working at home, listening to Seattle's KEXP via the Internet Radio feature in iTunes 12.6 on Windows.

    I really like the Mini Player view. And I really like album art. I use albumartexchange.com to seek out high res art for all my albums so they look great on the Apple TV.

    Here is my question - why does iTunes not have album art for Internet Radio streams? I can't stand staring at the default iTunes music note logo in iTunes and on the Apple TV when I'm listening to streams.

    I came across this article that suggests, back in 2013 Apple was interested in adding radio logos for some service or another.


    But as far as I can tell, nothing has come of it.

    This thread on the Apple boards suggests adding a dummy MP3, with the art, to iTunes and making an album out of the MP3 and the radio stream. It kind of works. But the art still does not show up in the main iTunes "now playing bar", the mini player, ATV or the iTunes Remote App. (The iTunes Remote App is something that desperately needs help too... :)


    Artwork, in general, has taken a real hit in recent iTunes versions. The Artist picture issue is simply awful.

    Does anyone have any insight into why Apple does not have art for Internet Radio streams? Or any tricks to help?


    -- Bryan

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