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Is there a way to view the genre of an audiobook

Discussion in 'Audiobooks' started by LarryR, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. LarryR

    LarryR New Member

    I don't see a way in iTunes 12.3 to view the genre of an audiobook in any of the list formats. The tag is available, but how can it be displayed?
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    For audiobooks, that column has been changed to Category.

    Makes sense, right? :)
  3. LarryR

    LarryR New Member

    Thanks! It makes sense, though I have no problem using the word 'genre' to apply to audiobooks. It is confusing that the label in the Get Info window is not consistent.
  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    That's a big change in iTunes 12. Tag names are contextual now, and depend on the Media Kind of each file. Also, certain tags display or not according to the Media Kind. In a way, this is an improvement, because you'd see tags specific to videos before when looking at Music files.
  5. UKenGB

    UKenGB Member

    Contextual tagging, the wonders of iTunes. Sounds like a reasonable idea, BUT, the decision of what tags are appropriate for each media type is just down to the whim of the Apple developers and I'm losing faith in their ability to ever get things right. Mostly it just seems to mean they're hiding the tags I want to access.

    Also it has a bizarre way of dealing with all this. Grouping is a real tag that can be used for any media and the Get info window will allow you to access this for each track/file. And there lies the problem. For a single item you are allowed to see, add and edit the Grouping tag, but if you select multiple (may be only video type) items, it is hidden. I cannot be the only one to see the irony in a 'Group' specific tag only being allowed when NOT for a group. You couldn't make this up.

    Anyway, the Genre/Category issue is not as straightforward as Kirk implies. They are not the same tag at all and each have their own ID3 (or equivalent) standard short code. iTunes can display both in all media types, but Category is always 'read only'. You can edit this tag with some other tagging app and iTunes will display, but not set it for you.

    I noticed that for some media types (probably Audiobooks) Genre and Category were set to have the same data, but either can be changed and iTunes continues to treat them as independent data fields.

    Overall, I'd say that iTunes tagging abilities get consistently worse with each release. Much like the rest of it sadly.

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