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Issue with 96000.00hz output

Discussion in 'Digital Audio Hardware' started by HaydenPB, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. HaydenPB

    HaydenPB New Member

    I'm setting up a older Mac Pro (2007) to be a music hub for my house. I hooked up the digital audio out to my receiver and set my computer's output to 96000hz/2ch-24bit Interger as is recommended in Kirk's articles and elsewhere. I didn't think any sound was being output until I turned up my receiver volume WAY up and realized it was playing at a HORRIBLE quality. Basically unlistenable. Is this the jitter I read about? It sounds ok at 41000hz and 440000hz but I want to get the most from my FLAC audio files.
    Do I need an external DAC?
    I'm hoping this is just some setting I have wrong. THanks
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    No, that's not jitter. You can't really hear jitter. It sounds like the volume was extremely low. I don't think that you need a DAC, because your Mac was able to send out the 96K data. Which app were you sending the music from?
  3. HaydenPB

    HaydenPB New Member

    I am using VLC for FLAC files and iTunes for Apple Lossless files and below. Same issue with both players. I am running OS X 10.7.5 as it's the latest OS my machine can handle. It's probably also worth noting that I had it set to output at 96000hz through the headphone jack and it worked just fine.

    If there isn't an simple answer to this problem, which is better: 48000hz via digital audio or 96000hz via the headphone jack?
  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Well, something in the chain isn't working correctly, and I'm afraid I can't think what it is. Try converting some FLAC files to ALAC and playing them from iTunes, see if anything is different.
  5. HaydenPB

    HaydenPB New Member

    Welp, I'm discouraged. Same issue no matter which file type I play with what player: choppy/scratchy/very low volume audio from my digital audio output at 96000hz/2 channel 24bit. Tried digging all through the Audio MIDI setting which are over my head.

    I'm at least better off with 48000hz via digital than 96000hz via headphone jack, yes?

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