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Issues with a classic ipod and itunes

Discussion in 'Podcasts' started by MojoPin, May 31, 2016.

  1. MojoPin

    MojoPin New Member


    My mother has had a classic ipod for a number of years and has accumulated a large amount of podcasts on that ipod that she sporadically listens to. She recently got a new laptop and, as a result, a more up to date version of itunes (currently using version

    When she goes to sync her ipod now most of the podcasts that are on her ipod do not appear in the itunes podcast library and she is being told if she does sync she will lose all the podcasts that are currently on the ipod. Obviously she does not want to do this but she still wants to update the podcasts on the ipod as she listens to some on a weekly basis. At at a loss as to what would be the best solution so any advice would be really appreciated!

    Thanks a mil

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