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iTunes - Loss of Third Party Visualizers

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by John Oldham, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. John Oldham

    John Oldham New Member

    After upgrading to iTunes (MBP Mid 2010 - 10.11.6) I discovered that third party visualizers, including my favorite, Cover Version - http://www.imagomat.de/coverversion/ -, no longer work. The software's developer said the he will no longer upgrade Cover Version for 12.6 or later. Only the two Apple visualizers remain available, the latest one and the Classic one.

    And the long time bug (for me at least) of losing the cursor after leaving the Visualizer is still not fixed. I have to invoke Mission Control to get the cursor back.

    I don’t have iTunes currently installed on my Windows laptop so I can’t speak for W10.

    I don’t know what the technical reasons are for this change. I know that visualizers use OpenGL and the iTunes Visual Plugin API, so I guess something changed there. Does anyone know?

    Not to sound paranoid, but I wonder if Apple is starting to "lock down" iTunes and make its data and functions unavailable to any developers outside of Apple. No access to the .xml file, etc.

  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    All I know is that a number of people have reported the demise of third-party visualizers. I never used any, so I can't test it. I'm not sure what's changed and whether it would require a fix from developers, or whether they're locked out entirely.
  3. John Oldham

    John Oldham New Member

    I got in touch with the developer of Cover Version. He replied:

    "Yes, Apple/iTunes is not calling third party visualizers anymore. Maybe this will be fixed with an iTunes update. But I'm not confident about that."
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