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iTunes Album Purchase showing some songs as Audio Preview?

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by robdbirch, Apr 21, 2017 at 4:20 PM.

  1. robdbirch

    robdbirch New Member

    I purchased a new album on iTunes and some of the songs are showing as audio previews?

    When looking at the album listing in My iTunes Library it only shows some of the songs for the just purchase album.
    If I select "Show Complete Album" then I see the rest of the songs from the album.
    If I inspect on of the songs not showing up it shows the following in the "location: http://audio.itunes.apple.com/apple...000f/mzaf_5990506523493446542.plus.aac.ep.m4a"

    If I go back to the iTunes Store and check it shows the songs from the album as purchased.
    If I go back to the iTunes Store and check "My Purchased Songs All" it shows the only the songs that are previewed.

    Any tips before entering the iTunes support vortex?


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