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iTunes Album Purchase showing some songs as Audio Preview?

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by robdbirch, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. robdbirch

    robdbirch New Member

    I purchased a new album on iTunes and some of the songs are showing as audio previews?

    When looking at the album listing in My iTunes Library it only shows some of the songs for the just purchase album.
    If I select "Show Complete Album" then I see the rest of the songs from the album.
    If I inspect on of the songs not showing up it shows the following in the "location: http://audio.itunes.apple.com/apple...000f/mzaf_5990506523493446542.plus.aac.ep.m4a"

    If I go back to the iTunes Store and check it shows the songs from the album as purchased.
    If I go back to the iTunes Store and check "My Purchased Songs All" it shows the only the songs that are previewed.

    Any tips before entering the iTunes support vortex?


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  2. robdbirch

    robdbirch New Member

    Well this was very strange behavior.

    On the MacOS iTunes Store I purchased a complete album.
    iTunes on MacOS was downloading some of the newly purchased songs into the wrong directory/album.
    Though, it was downloading to the wrong directory/album, it was not showing up in MacOS iTunes as part of that album, the wrong album.
    Though it was not showing up in MacOS iTunes under the wrong album I believe iCloud did believe it was part of the wrong album, which I will explain below.
    iTunes MacOS was only adding the newly purchased songs that had already existed from a Greatest Hits album, into the Greatest Hits directory/album.
    iTunes was also changing the meta data in the newly purchased song to that of the Greatest Hits album, though sometimes the album art took longer to change.
    I don't know if these two items were a contributing factor to the issue but the songs on the Greatest Hits album were mp3's and were purchased from Amazon.
    The songs that were also on the Greatest Hits album were never showing up as part of the newly purchased iTunes album in my iTunes Library for that album.

    Not exactly sure how I fixed this, though I tried with a different album from the same band, that had some other songs that were on the Greatest Hits album.

    Here is how I think it was fixed:

    1. Using the MacOS finder, I removed the songs downloaded into the wrong folder/album.
    2. Using iTunes I removed the downloads from the newly purchased iTunes album.
    3. Restart iTunes (maybe this wasn't needed?)
    4. Re-add the Greatest Hits album to my MacOS iTune Library, this is the wrong directory/album the newly purchased songs were being downloaded too.
      1. I believe iCloud was updated indicating the newly purchased albums were part of the older Greatest Hits Album
      2. I could see this in the iTunes Store under my purchases
        1. Within my iTunes MacOS Library I had removed all downloads from the newly purchased album and the iTunes Store showed those as available for download.
        2. Using the MacOS Finder I had removed the songs downloaded to the wrong album and the iTunes Store showed them as already downloaded. I did not use iTunes to remove them which would have sync'd the removal with iCloud.
      3. I speculate Re-adding the album with the deleted new songs updated iCloud with the correct list of songs
    5. Used the menu item in iTunes MacOS to update my iTunes iCloud Library
    6. Waited a few minutes
    7. My iTunes library updated, the newly purchased iTunes album showed all the songs that I could download
    8. I downloaded them and they were placed in the correct directory.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017

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