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iTunes match tagging chaos

Discussion in 'Apple Music & iTunes Match' started by BenschVienna, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. BenschVienna

    BenschVienna New Member

    Hi there!

    Very nice to find an an iTunes Pro forum here ;-)

    I'm an iTunes user right from the start with v. 1.0 and built a library consisting mainly of classical music.

    The other day, I figured that I wanted to give iTunes match another chance, faintly hoping for an improved treatment of individually curated tags.

    My tagging is quite individual (standard tags in iTunes are not quite created for classical music.) I use the album tag for works rather than for album titles, and make playlists from CDs that combine multiple works in the seldom cases in which I want to prevent the album order.

    Sadly, the tags are really a case of FUBR (see below). Part of my library is fine. Maybe even the major part. But still, many files are just a – total – mess.

    The option "Reset iCloud music library" in the account setting always results in "Can't reset iCloud Music Library. Resetting is temporarily unavailable. Try again."

    So my question would be (other then sharing this total pain):
    Do you think it makes any sense to give it another try? Refreshing the library does nothing. I could try to delete everything out of the library, cumbersome as this may turn out…
    Is there a point in calling Apple? Can they do a reset for me? Will they consider a refund? Or will it just be a waste of time because iTunes Match is almost EOLed anyways and I won't find competent support?
    Or should I just give up on iTunes match?



    The SAME playlist in iTunes Match. All tags are wrong; all files in the playlist are wrong. At least some Bach is still contained. ;-)
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I hope you have a backup...

    I would not expect it to get any better. I had thought that, perhaps, things had improved since the last time I tried, but apparently they haven't.

    As an aside, I love those Gardiner Bach cantatas. I have the whole series that I bought as they were released some years ago.

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