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King Lear

Discussion in 'Theater & Other Arts' started by Fourforks, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Fourforks

    Fourforks New Member

    Had a Shakespeare weekend and saw Two Noble Kinsmen and King Lear on one day. Kinsmen is so-so, but Lear is fantastic theatre. Anthony Sher is magnificent in the lead role. I was lucky enough to see him play Richard III many years ago and this performance is up with that I think. I was calculating that i have seen 28 of the 38 plays written by Shakespeare and was wondering if anyone has done the lot? It cannot be easy as there are quite a few rarely performed!!
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I saw King Lear last week. It's still in previews, and I thought it was very good, but not great. My partner saw 2NK with her sister, and didn't care for it much. We have tickets to see it again in a couple of months.

    I'm seeing Lear on press night, this Thursday, and will post a review the following day.

    When I moved to the UK 3 1/2 years ago, one of my goals was to see all of the plays live. I've already seen a dozen or so. I'll get there in a few years. :)

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