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One album instead of two

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by cambridgehank, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. cambridgehank

    cambridgehank New Member

    This may be a picky question, but Genius Bar has been unable to help me understand this issue.
    I am using a MacBook Pro for my iTunes library. I do not have iTunes Music library checked off in preferences. I also have a desktop Mac at work, I put my updated library on this Mac monthly. The desktop does connect to iTunes store and iTunes Music library is checked off. I have a iTunes Match account also.

    The album in my library "Forest Flower" has nine tracks. When I looked at Forest Flower in the iTunes store it only had five tracks. It showed four of them with "play" under price and the other had a cost of $.99. The album showed a price of 8.99? So, I did some research on allmusic.com and found Forest Flower with 5 tracks. I also found Forest Flower with 9 tracks, but it was called Forest Flower/Soundtrack. I then went back to iTunes store and found "Soundtrack" with four songs that all showed "play".

    Nether album shows up in Family Purchases in Match Account.

    Did Match combine these two albums into one? Why would one song out of the 9 not show "play"? Would you create two albums from the one in the library and would that let iTunes Store know that I have 9 purchased songs? Thanks for you replies

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