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Pet Sounds

Discussion in 'Rock and More' started by Chuck, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Hello! After watching "The Wrecking Crew" on Netflix recently I am interested in purchasing The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds for the first time. I see it is included twice on iTunes with one being a very recent release including both stereo and mono tracks. Are the mono tracks must haves? Seems like kind of a pain to have to delete half the tracks each time I download. I guess mono is big these days on early sixties reissues. Won't be long before the Beatles are offered in mono on iTunes also.
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I think they are. But I think this:

    In Praise of Mono Recordings

    You can already buy the Beatles albums in mono on the iTunes Store, along with Dylan's early albums, and many others.
  3. Black Six

    Black Six New Member

    I agree with Kirk. It's not that mono mixes are inherently better or anything, it's just that at the time that was what the musicians focused their efforts on, rather than the stereo mixes. I'm sure if the artists took out the master tapes and remixed the albums in stereo today with that in mind, they could be on par with the original mono mixes. A good example of this would be The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Songtrack.
  4. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Thanks for the replies and thanks for the link to the article. A good read. I have gotten a couple of The Beatles mono LP reissues but didn't know they were available on iTunes. Also didn't know about the Dylan mono reissues. Wish I had a better memory so that I could keep track of which albums I've bought the most over my lifetime.
  5. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member


    If you like that music, the Dylan releases are essential. I also really like the Miles Davis stuff. An interesting find was Pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn in mono...
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  6. elroth

    elroth New Member

    Pet Sounds was originally mixed by Brian Wilson only in mono. There wasn't a true stereo mix until the Pet Sounds Box Set was produced in 1997 (there had been an early fake stereo version). Brian Wilson supervised the 1997 stereo mix (even though he's deaf in one ear), and that's what's on the later stereo CDs. I prefer the stereo mix - it's nicely done, and keeps the feeling of the mono mix, while being more open. Especially compare the last 50 seconds of "God Only Knows" (the part where the vocal parts intertwine) - it's beautiful, with the different vocal parts coming from slightly different places.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015

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