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Rakesh Chaurasia - Call Of The Divine

Discussion in 'Other Music' started by shiveringgoat, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. shiveringgoat

    shiveringgoat New Member

    I've followed the career of John Mclaughlin over the years and seen him live many times. I've always been drawn to Indian music. McLaughlin played with the great Indian bansurai player Hariprasad Chaurasia when he reformed Shakti in 1997. Hariprasad Chaurasia has a younger nephew called Rakesh Chaurasia who also plays the same flute. About 3 years ago I was in this Indian restaurant and this music came on when I was eating my favourite dal (The Punjabi Dal Makhani with roti and yoghurt sauce) and I was blown away by the beauty of playing, it was a great experience to find such amazing music like that when most restaurants are filled with nasty Bollywood bubblegum. I tracked the album down and have had hours of joy from this music and just checked its on Apple Music, it was released on an independent UK label. https://itun.es/gb/FbeTk If you meditate I think you will like it even more, the flute is the divine instrument for Hindus and this playing is like a flowing of the energy of life with all its twists and turns.

    Maybe you will find a little bit of joy here like I did!

  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for that. I was actually thinking of asking here if someone could make some recommendations of Indian classical music. It's a genre I know nothing about, but every time I hear a really good raga improvisation, it blows me away. I was hoping that perhaps someone could make an Apple Music playlist, or some suggestions. I'll definitely check this album out.
  3. iansen

    iansen New Member

    Hi Kirk,

    How about this.

    You could start off with some Western music that is influenced structurally by Indian Classical music:

    Taphead by Talk Talk on the album Laughing Stock

    Runeii by Talk Talk on the album Laughing Stock

    Answered Prayers by David Sylvian on the album Gone to Earth

    A Secret Song by Steffen Basho-Junghans on the album Last Days of the Dragons

    (I couldn't find it on YouTube)

    Black Drink by Shawn David McMillan on the album A Raga for Peter Walker

    (I couldn't find it on YouTube)

    Then moving Eastwards:

    Sagar (The Ocean) by Ananda Shankar on the album Ananda Shankar

    Jog: Alaap and Gat by Hariprasad Chausaria on the album Flute (Immortal Series)


    And for a spanner in the works:

    Prabhati by Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar on the album Menhuin meets Shankar
    (a freestyle jam between two greats which somehow, to me, ends up sounding like Japanese music!)



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