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Remote App not always updating album art.

Discussion in 'General iTunes Usage' started by Roger Emnett, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    The iTunes remote app on my iphone does not always update album art. The song information always updates correctly however. Have tried it on iPhone 3, 5s, 6s and iPad Pro with same result.
  2. BerwynDad

    BerwynDad New Member

    I have been using the iTunes Remote app extensively with two iTunes libraries for years. I currently use it on an iPhone 6.

    It has never reliably displayed artwork for me. I usually get the diagonal text with the artist/album over a square.

    It might have something to do with the iTunes album art cache. I think there is a way to delete the cache - but I don't know the details.

    I wish Apple would give this app some attention.

    -- Bryan
  3. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    Mine always displays Album Art but it does not always update when it changes to the next song so the art may stick for a few songs then update OK for a couple then stick again etc. I have several different iTunes Libraries and it does the same thing on all of them. It is like it does not have enough time to fetch the new Art? I have tried deleting all of the art cache and letting it rebuild but it does not help. I have some of the songs stored on an SSD and it does seem to work better with them. How ever it still sticks now and then. That is why I think whatever is causing it has something to do with the app itself. All of my art is 500 x 500 so the size is not the problem.
  4. BerwynDad

    BerwynDad New Member

    Hi Roger - I can confirm that this happens with my system as well. It often happens if I switch from playing an album to an iTunes Internet Radio stream.

    I really wish Apple would dedicate some development to this app. My entire audio system is run off two massive iTunes libraries running on a PC. The PC then pushes audio to two AirPort Express connected stereos, an AirPlay enabled compact stereo and two Apple TVs. The iTunes Remote app is a key part of this. -- Bryan
  5. Roger Emnett

    Roger Emnett New Member

    I agree. I have four iTunes libraries on a Mac Mini 2011, stream with AirPlay etc. I run a 2007 Mini with iTunes Match to drive a micro powered FM transmitter to stream to our little condo area. So I use iTunes Remote as well as Parallels Access and Team Viewer. Seems that they all have minor flaws. I started another thread ref Gapless Playback errors. I have had iTunes stop keeping track of the tracks that it had run Gapless Playback on and from that point it runs it over and over the same tracks and any additional tracks you add. There is no way to turn it off and I have not found out why it happens or how to fix it except to reimport everything and start over. It started a couple of weeks ago on one of my iTunes Match libraries. Also have complaints about IOS Music App but that is another story.
  6. BerwynDad

    BerwynDad New Member

    Started up iTunes this morning, started the WXPN (Philadelphia) stream via the Remote App.

    Remote App showed that I was listening to the WXPN stream. But the album art was from what I was listening to last night. (yes, that is The Alan Parsons Project...)

    Made me laugh.


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