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Unable to transfer purchases & app updates from iPhone in iTunes 12.3

Discussion in 'Syncing iOS Devices' started by latenightlizzie, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. latenightlizzie

    latenightlizzie New Member

    I've updated my iPhone 6 to the latest version of iOS and I've been struggling to transfer purchases back to iTunes on my MacBook Pro ever since. I routinely update apps on my phone and every week or so I would connect with a cable so I could perform a local backup to the Mac (as it doesn't hurt to have an alternative to iCloud) and transfer all app updates at the same time to save bandwidth. Since the latest iOS and iTunes updates, the option to transfer purchases remains visible but quits shortly after it appears to start syncing without updating any purchases or updates. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone found a solution?
  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I noticed the same thing yesterday. This happened with iOS 9.0, and again after I applied the 9.0.1 update. I haven't found any solutions yet.
  3. latenightlizzie

    latenightlizzie New Member

    Fingers crossed someone in the community has found one!
  4. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    I fear that it's a real bug. I'll file it later with Apple.
  5. freduruncle

    freduruncle New Member

    Looking for some info here.

    1. I've had iDevices since 2008 so, believe it or not, I have 250GB! of apps in my Mac mobile applications folder :(
    2. Of course, I don't use very many of them but since I have a 128GB iPhone I have about 1000 on it that I'll sort through some day. (yes, ridiculous I know....)
    3. I'm about to install an SSD as the boot drive on my Mac. I don't want 250GB tied up with apps in the iTunes folder that I'll never use nor do I want to sort them manually.......
    4. Since I've been at this so long, all my media is NOT inside iTunes and consolidating it to move it ALL to an external drive is prohibitive. Ie, my music, video etc. are all sitting on a NAS and never were moved inside iTunes. My root iTunes media folders are really nearly empty.
    5. I thought I had a solution where I would delete all the apps in iTunes and then move the ones on my phone back with that move purchases item in the Files menu. That would reduce my load in my iTunes folder by 80%. But, of course, Apple doesn't let that work any more.
    6. If I back up/archive the HUGE Mobile Applications folder on an external and just Delete ALL the apps in iTunes, will it care the next time I sync the phone? Do you even NEED the apps in iTunes any more other than the cases where you try to save apps yanked by apple? It would seem if apple won't let you buy an app on the phone and then save it to the PC, that you just don't need to any more....

    So, my my conundrum is that I don't understand what apps NEED to stay in iTunes and I can't move ALL of iTunes because I'd never have the space to consolidate 10 years worth of stuff as all the guides recommend before moving iTunes totally. Since the iTunes library files all contain hard links to the drives the media is actually on, what goes wrong if you just move iTunes to an external drive and you don't care about the little media that is actually inside iTunes folder?

    Whew, Apple ..... it just works <grin>
  6. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    You can't just move the media, but read this:

    How To: Move Your iTunes Library to an External Hard Drive

    You can move the library, using the consolidate feature to move the files where they belong.

    As for apps, they don't need to be in iTunes any more; as you say, they don't transfer anyway.
  7. freduruncle

    freduruncle New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I had read your linked article before.

    Maybe I'm just dense, but my library was constructed with almost NO files ever put in the media folder. So, if you view my library.xml you'll see just links to 99% of my media. NO media is present in the iTunes Media folder except a couple free TV shows I "bought" and a couple CD's I ripped in iTunes. ALL other music, video, etc. were added using the Files>Add to Library feature with iTunes set to NOT import the media. If I consolidate or check the "Copy files to the iTunes Media folder", won't iTunes try and copy every file I have ever linked into the Media folder? My root drive would fill up before that could be barely begin. I understand the process that ALL the guides give, but I just can't do them.

    I had thought I'd just create a new library and redo everything from scratch on the external drive but really didn't want to fight the battle to keep ratings and playlists developed over the years.

    So, I DID copy the iTunes folder to an external drive, option-restarted iTunes and selected the "new" moved library, changed the iTunes media folder to point to its media folder in iTunes Preferences, reimported all the APPs so their pointers all point to the Mobile Applications in the new location. iTunes doesn't seem to be having any issues with this at all. Everything is located in the right place and plays well.

    I'm trying to figure out what's going to blow up on me..... if the only issue is that it can't find what little media I had in the original iTunes media folder then I really don't care. I just wanted the links to the drive where the linked media actually lives to keep working and they appear to be and the ratings and playlists remained intact.

    I KNOW this is what every guide says NOT to do but it seems to work. Is my case so unusual that the guides don't really apply?

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  8. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Yes. :) I don't think many people keep their media outside the iTunes Media folder any more. At least I don't hear from them, and I get a lot of emails about iTunes issues.
  9. freduruncle

    freduruncle New Member

    Ok. Thanks. I got my first Apple ][ in 1978 and lets say things have "evolved" over the years with a Windows machine or two thrown in there in the late 90's. Since I had multiple platforms and hard drives were >$400 for 80 MB...yes (M), I used every drive I had in old machines as NAS. I just got in the habit of manually managing everything. I'm retired now so I can have fun with all of it.

    Anyway, I've not yet deleted the iTunes on my boot drive so maybe iTunes is happy because the few files I had there are still there. I really did all this just to move the APP library anyway. The rest of my iTunes folders were under 10Gb. It was the 250 Gb of apps that gave me heartburn. I may leave that original install there and just trash the Mobile Applications folder from there.

    Anyway, if I "get Info" on any file in my "new" library, all file pointers lead to files on the external DROBO and nothing seems to care about the original library.

    Thanks for lending me your ear....

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