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Unwieldy Podcast management in iTunes

Discussion in 'Podcasts' started by Oliver Hague, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Oliver Hague

    Oliver Hague New Member

    I have over 250GB of Podcasts on an external hard drive (all media files are on the external hard drive; the itunes library files are on the iMac). Whenever I access Podcasts in iTunes it is very sluggish with constant spinning wheels. This is even on a maxed out iMac late 2015.

    What is the main issue here? Is the podcast library too large? Is the interaction with the external hard drive causing it (Lacie Thunderbolt 2 drive)? Do I have too many individual podcasts subscribed to? Or can't iTunes manage Podcasts properly?

    Your distinguished views would be highly appreciated!:)

    Many thanks

  2. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    iTunes isn't very good at podcasts any more, but I think it might have to do not with the amount of storage used, but the number of podcasts you subscribe to. How many? Because 250 GB of podcasts, that's a lot!
  3. Oliver Hague

    Oliver Hague New Member

    i suspect you're right about the number of podcasts i subscribe to. blame the bbc for that!

    having gone through a period of cold turkey i just listen via the cloud nowadays.
  4. annaks

    annaks New Member

    The podcast problem seems to have started when the feeds were added in iTunes 11.2.
    There have been some major improvements since then, but as of now, I still plan to go back to 11.1.5.
    I had nearly a TB of podcasts, on an EHD, which worked worked well.
    I will wait till I update my OS, so that I don't have to do it twice.
    Both my computers are from 2009, one updated with a 1TB SSD, but newer computers have the same problems.
    I have used iTunes 12 on an external hard drive, and in my macs, with the same slowness.

    The bigger the library, the worse it gets.
    I began a new library recently, that gradually grew to over a 1000 subscriptions.

    I suspect the number of podcasts in the feeds affects the speed.
    The program still keeps the details of the pods in the feeds, even after marking them played.
    Also, maybe the way iTunes is saved has changed.
    It seems to save each change, rather than waiting until the program closes.
    I have no proof of either theory though.

    I have developed numerous workarounds to sometimes avoid the spinning ball in the meantime.
    If anyone is interested, I could post them.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  5. Oliver Hague

    Oliver Hague New Member

    Another podcasts issue in itunes. In the olden days of itunes (the mac osx version) if I was subscribed to a podcast it would helpfully tell me that I was subscribed. This doesn't seem to work any more. Has anyone else noticed this?

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