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Why Not Use Spotify?

Discussion in 'Streaming Music' started by kirk, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Why Not Use Spotify?

    Are there any long-time Spotify users who want to chime in and say what they think are the pros and cons of Spotify and Apple Music?
  2. jowie

    jowie New Member

    One of the definite pros of Spotify is the ability to share and collaborate on playlists. Most of my friends use Spotify regularly, or at least have a Spotify account. If I want to share some music with them, Spotify is the place to do it. I am in a ‘band’ as well as having a few fellow DJ mates, so collaborating on playlists is a great way to share song ideas as well as the latest dance tunes.

    What I really like about Apple Music is the Apple integration. Walking down the road, I fire up Siri by pressing the remote button on my SoundMagic E10s, say something like “play me songs by Jess Glynne”, and within a few seconds I'm listening to some top rated songs by Jess Glynne.

    I just wish Apple would take a bit more time to add some more in-depth features here. I flummoxed him/her last night by requesting “Play some early tracks by Mike Oldfield”. And although “Play the rest of this album” works, if the track has already finished, you’re too late. And if you're playing music through AirPlay, why stop the music while using Siri? Let me DJ using Siri and not interrupt the flow for my guests.

    We're getting ever-closer to a future where we can conjure up music in a Star Trek computer-like fashion... I can't wait.

  3. kirk

    kirk Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the Siri integration is good, but there's one problem. If I ask Siri to play music by a specific artist on my device, it doesn't play my music, but plays stuff from Apple Music.

    And I agree about the playlists on Spotify, as I said in the latest podcast, the fact that you can subscribe - and, as you say, collaborate - makes them so much better than what Apple Music offers.
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  4. jowie

    jowie New Member

    Yes I had noticed that. I wondered what would happen if I tried to ask Siri to play something by an artist not available in Apple Music. I have the soundtrack to the animated version of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by Michael J Lewis. If I say "Play music by Michael J Lewis", that bamboozled Siri, and it started playing some artist from Apple Music with Lewis in the title. I tried again with "Play The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", and it immediately started playing the Michael J Lewis one from my library.
  5. Scott Porter

    Scott Porter New Member

    I actually don't 'stream' music. I have 68K songs on 6K albums mostly ripped from LP's and CD's. If I want something new or different I'll listen to Pandora or Spotify, if something grabs me I'll buy the CD or download it. So Apple Match got turned off very quickly here. I have an iPod Classic that holds all my favorites. I have no reason to pay to listen to the 'radio'.

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