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XLD 20151128 released

Discussion in 'Ripping, Converting, Files & Formats' started by Carla, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Carla

    Carla New Member

    It's been a year since the last feature update, so you could be forgiven if, like me, you'd begun to worry that XLD was no longer in development. This is a HUGE update.

    • Added DSD output plugin
    • Added option to crop cover art images to square
    • Supported image copying/pasting for cover art field
      Available via context menu.
    • Sort tag for artist/album artist tag is now editable
    • Added menu item to eject discs
    • Improved Date tag handling by using TYER and TDAT field in ID3v2.3
    • Improved low-pass filter in DSD decoder
      Optimized coefficients and applied filter delay compensation
    • Relaxed version checking in SACD ISO reader
    • DDP file parser now reads metadata from CDTEXT.BIN file
    • Added option to accept file naming format and to disable metadata adding in command-line version
    • Fixed some glitches on recent OSX
    • Fixed a problem that ID3 tags in AIFF-C files were ignored
    • Fixed a problem that 32-bit floating point AIFF files were incompatible with iTunes
    • Changed bug tracker URL from googlecode to sourceforge
    • Updated WavPack to version 4.75.2
    • Updated libsndfile to version 1.0.26
    • Updated Opus to version 1.1.1
    I'm thrilled (and SO relieved) to see this update. I'm hoping there won't be another year between updates again. :)

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